Slavery, Terrorism and Islam

The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat


1.    Slavery – What You Have Never Been Told
2.    Uprooting Terrorism
3.    Resisting Sharia in Nigeria
4.    Slavery and Jihad in Sudan
5.    The Sources of Islam
6.    Comparing Muhammad with Jesus
7.    The Oppression of Women in Islam
8.    The Challenge of Islam
9.    Comparing the Bible With the Quran
10.    Challenging Muslims
11.    Guidelines for Muslim Evangelism
12.    The Crusades and Jihad
13.    The Reformers on Islam
14.    The Great Siege of Malta
15.    Reformation or Islamisation
16.    The Islamisation of Europe and How to Stop it
17.    The End of Islam
18.    The Challenge of David Livingstone Today 

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Slavery, Terrorism and Islam


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Faith Under Fire in Sudan (softcover)   


Faith Under Fire in Sudan (hardcover)

Also available as an e-book from Smashwords