Truths That Transform

Christian Doctrines for Your Life Today

A discipleship tool. Now with new chapters on the Holy Spirit and on the second coming of Christ, this title has long been one of the author's most requested titles. The author explains eighteen life changing scripture truths to help Christians climb higher by understanding key spiritual concepts. Each topical chapter clarifies an aspect of God's work in salvation, the Christian's growth in grace, or the believer's hope.

Chapter 1. The Sovereignty of God
Chapter 2. Does man have free will?
Chapter 3. Predestination
Chapter 4. Effectual Calling
Chapter 5. The Incomparable Christ
Chapter 6. Repentance
Chapter 7. Faith
Chapter 8. Justification
Chapter 9. Sanctification
Chapter 10. Adoption
Chapter 11. Assurance of Salvation
Chapter 12. Good Works
Chapter 13. Perseverance of the Saints
Chapter 14. He Shall come again
Chapter 15. The Holy Spirit
Chapter 16. THE Most Unpopular Subject in the World
Chapter 17. Heaven, an Life Hereafter
Chapter 18.  The Bible