In the years 1536-1537, a quickly maturing John Calvin composed A Brief Outline of the Christian Faith, yet by the end of the 19th Century it had fallen out of use as a primary catechetical document and almost entirely out of existence.

At the Paris National Library in 1878 it was rediscovered and subsequently published in French and German, an English edition did not appear until 1949, and is now available in handsome imitation leather gift edition embossed with the title and Calvin's insignia.

Retitled here as Truth for All Time this little book contains what Calvin believed would be the essential truths that all Protestants must know in order for the Reformation movement to continue to grow in both numbers and quality. It is specifically tailored for everyday people-and the translation reflects this effort-and constitutes the skeleton frame of what would later become his full exposition in the Institutes of the Christian Religion. In addition to a modern translation, editors have included verse references in parenthetical form for the convenience of the reader.