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Coming to Grips
with Genesis

And the Last Days

  God's Battalions

Fourteen scholars present
rigorous Biblical and theological arguments in favor of a young
earth and global Flood and
also address a number of
contemporary old-earth
interpretations of Genesis.

  In the time of Noah, people were
going about their daily lives, not mindful
of the impending destruction. Like them,
are we ignoring warnings of God's
coming judgment?

This is not the Hollywood version
of Noah starring Russell Crowe.
This is a half-hour film by Ray Comfort about the Biblical Noah

In God’s Battalions,
award-winning author
Rodney Stark takes on the
long-held view that the
Crusades were the first
round of European colonialism, conducted for land, loot,
and converts by barbarian
Christians who victimized the cultivated Muslims. To the
contrary, Stark argues that the
Crusades were the first military response to unwarranted
Muslim terrorist aggression.

NOAH - And the Last Days


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