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The Cokesbury NRSV Bible gives you: 26-page Bible Study Helps section, 16-page Dictionary/Concordance, "Helpful Bible Maps", An assortment of additional practical Bible study helps; blue softcovers with orange color block plate/blue, white and orange font to covers
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Included in Messianic Jewish Family Bible is the entire Tree of Life Version translation; Genesis – Revelation. These Family Bibles contain a glossary of Hebrew terms, original maps of the State of Israel, the complete Parshot (Jewish reading cycle) and several Hebrew prayers that are just perfect to use in your family!
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Contemporary English Version, easy-to-read translation perfect for beginners, missionaries, and Christian Workers.
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Seven translations highly regarded by evangelicals—plus the classic KJV—make this the ideal resource for your comparative studies and sermon preparations! Features Eight translations: NASB ('95) NCV CEV NIV The Message New Living Translation ('96) NKJV KJV 7-point type size 9.5" x 7.0" x 1.5"
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