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Porn has become so commonplace, even among Christians, that its use has woven itself into the daily lives of countless men and women, disrupting marriages and short-circuiting believers' effectiveness for God. Users of pornography know their habit is wrong, but they ask, "What can I do to stop? How do I say no when porn tempts me?"
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Sexually explicit material is more readily available now than ever before, and a struggle with pornography is often the greatest snare for a Christian man today. So how can a Christian man find victory over pornography? This booklet presents the only true solution: God's power working through the gospel within the context of the local church.
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Previous called Politics of Pornography. This $57 billion dollar industry is swallowing peoples worldwide as its revenues exceed that of professional football, baseball, and basketball combined. Statistics reveal that upwards of 40 million American adults regularly visit over 372 million published pornographic web pages. How did we get here? In the .free love. decade of the 1960s, the New Left   . . .
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South Africa has become more ‘pornified’ than anyone could have predicted; kids are not only viewing porn, now they’re brazenly imitating its brutality by filming their ‘exploits’, even gang rapes, and then spreading their videos via social media. Exposed It’s not a question of if you and your children will be exposed to pornography, but when. Research conducted by the SA Film   . . .
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