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The Pink Agenda is out of print and  has been updated and replaced by Rise of the GayGB and Pink Inquisition. It is still available as an e-book.
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New Book Now Available – The Rise of the GayGB and Pink Inquisition Seventeen years ago, Africa Christian Action published the landmark book – The Pink Agenda. Many South Africans thought that their society was quite “religious” and this “gay agenda problem” would never arise in South Africa. Yet most of the major goals drafted in the Lesbian and Gay Charter in   . . .
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This title offers 101 probing questions...101 compassionate and scriptural answers from Focus on the Family's Mike Haley. Almost daily we hear news reports that confirm the acceptance of homosexuality in our culture. Homosexuals are adopting children, appearing as characters on television programs,
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"Homosexuality is the hot issue of the day," says Edward T. Welch in this booklet. "Even more than abortion, it will confront the church throughout this generation, forcing us to listen, study and respond wisely. How can we answer claims that the Bible does not prohibit committed homosexual relationships? Or that science proves that homosexuality is genetic, not a chosen lifestyle.   . . .
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An empty testament! This argues the author is all that would remain of the Old and New Testaments in the Bible when pro-homosexual liberal theologians, revisionists and activists are finished with it. An empty testament, "detoxified" from condemnation of the unrepentant sinner and sin. Indeed, an "empty testament".
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Openness Unhindered Terms like same-sex marriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gay Christian are part of daily discourse; yet enormous controversy surrounds them. They are the stuff of news headlines and vitriolic social media posts. But they also reflect stirrings of the heart in real people with real questions and concerns. Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, once a leftist professor in a committed lesbian   . . .
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