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Ever wonder when Jesus will return for His church? Will it be soon? And what about the Tribulation--will Christians live through it or be raptured before it? Is the Millennium a literal one-thousand-year period? What do these and many more terms mean? How do they figure into Christ's Second Coming? What can Christians expect in the days ahead?
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In Death and the Afterlife, Robert Morey clearly lays out the Biblical statements about death and what takes place after death. A clear presentation of biblical facts based on sound theology, this book will help readers distinguish which theories about the afterlife are true and which are simply popular belief or cultural misinformation.
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Wars and rumors of wars, famines, plagues, and earthquakes. These are the biblical signs. All of them are realities of planet earth in our day. Is Jesus coming back soon? Did Jesus provide an exact, predictable scenario as so many modern prophecy writers advocate? The answer to these questions will shock the majority and ambush the sentries of the end-times   . . .
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