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We Have Seen His Glory sounds a clarion call to worship in light of the coming Kingdom. Ben Witherington here contends that Christian worship cannot be a matter of merely continuing ancient practices; instead, we must be preparing for worship in the Kingdom of God when it comes on earth. The eight chapters in this thought-provoking book each end with   . . .
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Offending the Holy Spirit is no laughing matter---but Pastor MacArthur believes that millions do it every day. In this sobering book, he draws lessons from the biblical accounts of Nadab, Abihu, Ananias, Sapphira, and the Pharisees, and cautions against contemporary charismatic "false worship practices" such as barking, laughing, inaccurate prophecies, and extrabiblical revelation. 240 pages
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This compact, pocket-sized, 54-page booklet is a dynamic summary of the foundational teachings of Scripture. The Apostles Creed makes an ideal personal statement of our Biblical convictions to enable us to stand fast in the truth and be more effective in God’s service.
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