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Written for everyone with an interest in mission, this book will lead you to reconsider your role in the missionary enterprise. On Being a Missionary is not designed to be a theoretical textbook. It does not put forward new theses, new approaches to mission, nor does it attempt to break new ground. In a very readable way the author presents   . . .
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Dr. Hale’s practical wisdom is here freely offered to the missionary-to-be and others interested in missions–wisdom hard-earned in Nepal on everything from calling to raising a missionary family to cross-cultural communication. Now revised to include perspectives on the realities of the changing missionary force and the challenges of bonding with a new culture in an increasingly globalized and technologically connected   . . .
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His love and respect for the Canadian Indians and his determination to bring them the Gospel message motivated this young missionary to give his life so sacrificially.
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THE GREATEST CENTURY OF MISSIONS book "Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!" This battle cry launched the most incredible movement in history. Incredible The Greatest Century of Missions book is a treasure trove of incredible adventures, inspiring exploits and unbelievable achievements of some of the most extra-ordinary people in the most momentous era of Christian advance. This book will be   . . .
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Frail, prone to depression, Brainerd was an unlikely candidate for missionary work. Yet in the 18th century, he converted hundreds of Native Americans thorugh his example of self-denial, commitment to prayer, and devotion to Christ. Edited by Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd's firsthand account chronicles his amazing ministry-one that continues to shape today's missions.
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