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Gives all NT citations for each Greek word with a phrase from the verse cited to show the context. These phrases use the KJV, but you have the reference so it's easy to check more recent translations. Abundant indices relate synonymns in both Greek and KJV English.
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Bible students have enjoyed Cruden's easy-to-use format and portable size for over 250 years. This valuable reference is handy for fast word studies or just for finding a favorite passage. It is ideal for busy Bible students, teachers, and pastors who need a convenient and portable concordance enabling the reader to quickly locate all of the occurrences of any given   . . .
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This revised edition of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance takes James Strong’s monumental work and updates it to be even more useful to the modern reader.
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A fine companion to the CEB Bible Dictionary, The Common English Bible Concise Concordance is a portable tool for finding words, phrases, and verses in the CEB translation. This concordance has citations for all the key and distinctive words, phrases, and verses of the Bible. It is the perfect tool for creating a word study or finding the way to   . . .
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