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The Discipleship Handbook is an invaluable resource including studies on The Cross, The Fear of God, The Holy Spirit, God’s Law, Restitution, Prayer, Evangelism, Conflict, Time Management, Hospitality, Videos, Games and TV, Animals, Revival and How to Change the World.
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Old Testament Survey - 288 pages, with 35 pictures, maps and charts and Old Testament Survey MP3 - 42 Audio Sermons and 39 Sermon notes in a PDF Book on one Audio and Data MP3
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Softcover book PLUS Audio and Data MP3 containing: - 20 Audio lectures - 15 PowerPoint presentations - 20 Lecture Notes - PDF books in both English and Afrikaans
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Greatest Century of Reformation book & Reformation 500 AV boxset The Reformation 500 Audio MP3 plus Data plus DVD 4-disc Boxset is Now Available This includes 14 films, 23 audio MP3s, 13 PowerPoint presentations and a PDF E-version of our new, updated and expanded Greatest Century of Reformation book (288 pages with over 200 pictures and maps). The Reformation Resource to Inform, Inspire   . . .
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Two books in one combo
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