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Along with the rise of Islamic Jihad in the world, we are witnessing an increase in ecclesiastical terrorism. There are those Christians who see it as their calling to sabotage the support bases of others, to launch sneak attacks, ecclesiastical Pearl Harbours, to destroy missionary towers, assassinate characters, hijack ministries and blow up bridges of relationships. These ecclesiastical   . . .
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Contains 8 chapters covering the following topics - A Useful Instrument, - Biblical Preaching, - Types of Biblical Preaching, - How Not to Preach, - Why we Don’t Preach, - Preaching with Power, - Biblical Interpretation, - Practical Preaching Preparation,- Appendix: - Effective Public Speaking, - Other Resources "Biblical Preaching Handbook delivers on the title, but offers so much more. It   . . .
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As a chaplain you have many serious and solemn duties and responsibilities. This Hand Book is compiled to assist you with your duties pertaining to: Church Services, Prayers of intercession, General Supplications, morning prayers, the Apostles Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Funeral Service, Dedication Services, Baptism Services and the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.
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