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A Set of Bill Bathman's Books! Click on "View Details" Going On   . . .
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Books and DVDs on Prayer & Action for the Persecuted Church In Stock - Click on Links under "View Details" Book: Faith under Fire in Sudan R105 DVD: 3 Films on Sudan R90 Book & DVD combo R170.00 Book:   . . .
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Buy any 2 of these James Kennedy books and receive a 50% Discount + free "What if Jesus had never been born?" DVD In Stock - Click on Links under "View Details" Skeptics Answered R195 What if   . . .
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Contains: Book (Slavery, Islam & Terrorism) + Muslim Evangelism Workshop MP3 + Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual
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Dr. Peter Hammond’s bestselling book: SLAVERY, TERRORISM & ISLAM - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat is a fascinating, well illustrated and thoroughly documented response to the relentless anti-Christian propaganda that has been generated   . . .
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Empower your Evangelism with these special prices: Answering Skeptics by Peter Hammond - R75 Answering Skeptics Audio & Data MP3 boxset - R150 containing: - 32 audio lectures - PDF Answering Skeptics book - 8 PowerPoint   . . .
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Halloween - Do Not Be Deceived Halloween - Have you been tricked? DVD - R50 Halloween - trick or treat DVD - R85 A Biblical and Historical look at Halloween booklet - R15 Harry Potter - Hero or Pagan?   . . .
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History Resources to Inform and Inspire Young and Old! The Greatest Century of Missions R98 Victorious Christians R185 The Greatest Century of Reformation Soft Cover R68 / Hard Cover R150 Sketches from South African History R98
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Homeschool Books Grades 4 - 8
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Mobilise Prayer & Action for the Persecuted 13 November 2016 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted. Faith Under Fire in Sudan & Three Films on Sudan - Book R105, DVD R90, Combo R170 Going   . . .
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Old Testament Survey - 288 pages, with 35 pictures, maps and charts and Old Testament Survey MP3 - 42 Audio Sermons and 39 Sermon notes in a PDF Book on one Audio and Data MP3
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Redeem the Time -- Renew your Mind Special Offers - 40% Discount Grace - God's unmerited Favour by Charles Spurgeon - now R29 Coming Again - but When? by Jerry Newcombe - now R99 Honest Money by Gary North   . . .
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Resources to Empower you to work for Reformation and Pray for Revival. The Power of Prayer R48 Reformation MP3 - 33 Audio Lectures R98 Victorious Christians R185 The Greatest Century of Reformation - Hardcover R150 / Softcover R68
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THE APOSTLES CREED, THE AUTHORITY OF CHRIST & THE FIRST DAY SABBATH, BIBLICAL FAITH AND MODERN COUNTERFEITS "...always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is   . . .
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The Great Commission Course 2016 Boxset Disc 1: Camp Lectures Disc 2: Course Lectures Disc 3: Data disc with 50 PowerPoints, 34 Lecture notes, 22 PDF Books & Manuals, as well as 6 exams.
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Understand Islam Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - Book R105, Audio MP3 R98, Combo R170
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UNDERSTANDING SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY Unpopular At school in Rhodesia, I found myself often at loggerheads with other students and some of the teachers because I supported the Boers and argued that Britain was the aggressor in both   . . .
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