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Ken Ham’s most popular talk on the relevance of Genesis, this presentation is a challenge to the church that explains why a belief in a literal Genesis is so important. A must for Christian leaders, youth leaders, homeschools, Sunday schools … in any class at all. It is a vital message for today’s church explaining why Genesis is the key   . . .
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Renowned creationist Ken Ham presents solid reasons why evolution is incompatible with Christianity – and with basic logic. This 40-minute presentation is an excellent witnessing tool that can spur discussion on the attributes of God.
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This new film, Evolution vs. God by producer Ray Comfort says, "Hollywood's 1960 movie Inherit the Wind was their own fictionalized version of the Tennessee-based Scopes trial, intentionally portraying creationists as simple-minded hicks who had blind faith in the Bible and rejected the evidence for evolution.
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Surprising Admissions From Leading Scientists. Most scientists proclaim loudly that evolution has been thoroughly proved. But if you take a close look at their statements, they reveal that there are glaring holes and inconsistencies. In fact, no part of evolutionary theory is exempt! Evolutionists Say the Oddest Things collects some of the most devastating admissions of scientists and leading science   . . .
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