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The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back examines the surge of interest in Gnosticism, and calls the church to understand why today’s spirituality is so similar to that of the church’s early spiritual enemies.
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This lavishly-illustrated book reveals the latest findings about the design of Noah’s Ark and explains the most perplexing questions. Following the example of Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb’s ground-breaking book, The Genesis Flood,
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Ever wonder about some of those big words you see in the Bible or hear in church? Big Ideas of the Bible unpacks important truths for 100 of those terms, from “Adoption” to “Worship” and   . . .
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The Common English Bible Dictionary is an easy-to-understand, one-volume portable dictionary of the Bible based on the best contemporary scholarship. It gives insight to all names, places, and events of the Bible that are significant   . . .
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War is a reality of human history—even in Bible times. This readable reference shows you how dozens of Biblical battles fit into the overall storyline of Scripture.
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Why did Bible people wash each others feet? What was wrong with Leah's "tender eyes"? Why were the Israelites forbidden to boil a young goat in its mother's milk? What did Jesus mean about His   . . .
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Follow the Biblical record from Genesis to Revelation! This beautifully illustrated book, with over two hundred full color images, reveals many discoveries that either confirm or illustrate the biblical narrative. The text is accurate, informative,   . . .
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This book is a collection of chapters addressing specific academic disciplines from a Van Tillian viewpoint. The contents include the following: PART ONE - EPISTEMOLOGICAL CRITICISM Chapter 1 - The Epistemological Crisis of American Universities - by   . . .
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If you desire to understand the core of Rushdoony's thinking, this commentary on Deuteronomy is one volume you must read.
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