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Composed and published while John Bunyan (1628 - 1688) was in prison for his religious principles. He tells how he was changed from the most notorious rebel in the village to a great man of faith. Through his testimony, you will: Be sure of salvation. Experience God’s grace that covers all sin.
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Hugh Martin (1822-85) combined a brilliant analytical and mathematical mind with a child-like heart which rested in Christ and his atoning work, as revealed in the Scriptures. Most of the sermons in the present volume were transcibed from Martin's handwritten notes by the late Principal James Mackintosh of the Free Church College, Edinburgh.
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Is it ever right to fight? Does the New Testament prohibit all forms of self-defense? What did Jesus mean by "turn the other cheek"? Paul wrote to the Roman Christians, "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." (Rom. 12:18) But, what if it is not possible?
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Gary DeMar shows the power of biblical thinking and the lack thereof among today's Christians. God has supplied the corrective lenses that we need to see the world as He does. Gary DeMar defines what a biblical worldview is and then demonstrates how to acquire it and practice it.
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"The timeless truths of Biblical discipleship need to be proclaimed in every generation. ’If you want to be My Disciple...’ is always linked to the day-to-day outworking of following Christ in one’s secret life, family life, community life and in every other field." ’If we have not evidenced a dramatic transformation in our beliefs, moral standards, way of life, behaviour and   . . .
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Dr. D. James Kennedy introduces the new believer to beginning steps in building their relationship with Jesus. Includes the Gospel of John.
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For most of the 30 years that Frontline Fellowship has been in operation, we have been conducting Discipleship Training camps and courses. Our discipleship books: Faith in Action, Putting Feet to Your Faith, Discipleship Handbook and Practical Discipleship had been immensely popular, frequently in demand and quickly out of print.
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