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A Set of Bill Bathman's Books! Click on "View Details" Going On R175 Going Through R48   . . .
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Buy any 2 of these James Kennedy books and receive a 50% Discount + free "What if Jesus had never been born?" DVD In Stock - Click on Links under "View Details" Skeptics Answered R195 What if Jesus had never been born? R195 What if the Bible had never been written? R195 The Gates of Hell shall not Prevail R190 Why I believe R145
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UNDERSTANDING SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY Unpopular At school in Rhodesia, I found myself often at loggerheads with other students and some of the teachers because I supported the Boers and argued that Britain was the aggressor in both Anglo-Boer Wars. That was not a popular position to take for an English-speaking student, in a Rhodesian school. At Milton Junior and Milton High Schools   . . .
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Homeschool Books Grades 4 - 8
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Old Testament Survey - 288 pages, with 35 pictures, maps and charts and Old Testament Survey MP3 - 42 Audio Sermons and 39 Sermon notes in a PDF Book on one Audio and Data MP3
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Softcover book PLUS Audio and Data MP3 containing: - 20 Audio lectures - 15 PowerPoint presentations - 20 Lecture Notes - PDF books in both English and Afrikaans
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Contains: Book (Slavery, Islam & Terrorism) + Muslim Evangelism Workshop MP3 + Muslim Evangelism Workshop Manual
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Dr. Peter Hammond’s bestselling book: SLAVERY, TERRORISM & ISLAM - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat is a fascinating, well illustrated and thoroughly documented response to the relentless anti-Christian propaganda that has been generated by Muslim and Marxist groups and by Hollywood film makers. PLUS Audio MP3 with 18 messages by Peter Hammond
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Boek MP3
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Two books in one combo
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