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Home Educators Open Day - Early 20th Century SA History Workshop


Early 20th Century SA History Workshop

Home Educators’ Open Day

Examples of Excellence

Christian Liberty Books celebrated South Africa’s Heritage Day in style, by looking back to inspiring people who helped shape our Heritage. On the 26th of September, CLB hosted another Home Educators’ Open Day, during which homeschooling families from all over the Cape, joined us to learn about our God and how He is a part of every aspect of our world. The theme of this Open Day was Recent SA History. Starting off with the backdrop of the 1st and 2nd Anglo-Boer Wars, Dr. Peter Hammond was then able to focus on seven extraordinary characters during this period that stood courageously for our country and fought fearlessly for her people. These examples of excellence were also paralleled in our Children’s programme.

A Message of Hope

We commenced the day with Alpha giving a Devotion based on the story of Job. As we looked at Job’s life, we chatted about how God is always in control, even though it may not always seem like it, and how we can be obedient even, and especially, in times of difficulties, because God has gifted us with His Spirit, and will be with us always. The memory verse for the day was Romans 5:5, “ Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. This was repeated throughout the day so they could memorize it, and it was also echoed through the stories and people we learned about.

One Person Can Make a Difference

Our theme throughout the day was how we as believers need to stand for what is right and for what we believe in, and also how we should put our hope and trust in Christ rather than things of this world - how Christ will never fail us, never leave us nor forsake us, and how, in contrast, things of this world will, without fail, fail us at one time or another.

Danie Theron

Our first character sketch was Danie Theron. I gave a presentation on him and used him as an example, showing how even when people may not agree with us, or may be laughing at us, we must still stand for what we believe in, and how even in difficult times we must uphold high Christian morals and standards and show love and compassion even to our enemies. And even though this may sound daunting, with strength from God and the guidance of His Spirit we can do it. We then made horses and bicycle cutouts and attached them to balloons, we went outside and released the balloons racing them down pieces of string, to see which teams horse or bicycle won, just like Danie Theron had to do when setting up his Wielrijders Rapportgangers. Many races, popped-balloons and screeches of laughter later, we went back inside for our next story. 

Martinus Steyn

Marina then did a presentation on Martinus Steyn, the 6th and last president of the independent Orange Free State, who is considered one of the finest examples of a Christian president, due to his incredible integrity and honour – recognized even by his enemies. We discussed how when everyone else was ready to surrender, Steyn and De Wet, refused to just fold with the crowd but rather stood for independence and restitution, once again showing how we must not be afraid to stand when everyone around us is crumbling.

God Cares for the Very Least

We spoke about the one cent coin that Steyn minted with the 2 sparrows on it, reminding us that God looks after even the least, and so how much more does he care and lookout for us.

What Can Wash Away my Sin

Marina then used this coin idea to present the Gospel we put some one cent coins on a plate saying that they represent us, we then covered them with some red water, saying that that is our sin, all the lies that we’ve told, or the things we’ve stolen, or each time we disrespected our parents, etc. We discussed how just like the coins can’t get themselves out of the water, we cannot save ourselves from our sin. We then placed a little candle in between the coins and said that this is like Jesus, the Light of the world, Who came to save us. We put a little jar over the candle and as the candle created a vacuum it started to suck up all the red water off the coins, just as Jesus washes us clean and saves us from our sins.



What is the Fruit of Your Life?

We also had an activity where we made pictures of big trees, with leaves containing the fruit of the Spirit, and how Martinus Steyn exhibited this fruit, and how through the Spirit living within us we can be fruitful in our own lives.

Team Sports

After refueling with a juice and biscuit break, we went outside to play stuck-in-the-mud, Anglo-Boer War edition, with the Red Coats team against the Boer Team. This immediately got the blood pumping and the laughter flowing.

Marching Song

Before lunch we sang the Romans 6:23 Marching Song, and then one of the little girls said Grace for us. It was such a tender and insightful prayer coming from such a pure and beautiful heart, it was truly touching and inspiring that we are all called to have childlike faith.

God Can Use You

Once our tummies were full of warm lasagna and fresh fruit, Daniel spoke to the children about Timothy, encouraging them that God uses all people, big and small, young and old, and can even use children like Timothy and like them, to fulfill His great plans.

Emily Hobhouse

I then did a presentation on Emily Hobhouse, the heroine that helped countless women and children in the concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War. I emphasized how even one person can make such a big difference in the lives of many people, and how we must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We must fight against something that we know is wrong no matter what obstacles try to get in our way. God will give us the strength and courage to do so, and the perseverance to overcome the obstacles.

Chain Reaction

We then made paper people chains, showing the ripple effect that a person can have in other peoples lives. I held up the one person and then as I unfolded a few links of the chain, I explained how they can touch a few people’s lives, then I attached another child’s chain and said that one of these people can then touch another person’s life, who will in turn touch other people’s lives and I attached more and more links until we had a whole long chain of people who had been affected, emphasizing how even though we may not see it, we can make a big difference by simply just showing even one person kindness.

Producing Personality Posters

The last activity that we did was a group effort, all sitting together in a circle, as we made a poster collage of each person we had learned about. We had lots of pictures and information about each character that was all jumbled up and we had to read the points and decide who they belonged to, separating the information to make the distinct collages. This I found the children thoroughly enjoyed and it was great for me to see and measure what they had actually learned. 

A Day of Enjoying Education

The weather held up beautifully for all our outdoor activities. And we learned many lessons from the inspirational examples of strong men and women of God that faithfully served Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The day was interspersed with other games and activities, and the biscuit crumbs were smeared across the children’s faces almost as far as their smiles were. (You can view some pictures of the even on our CLB Facebook page).

Thank You

Another successful Open Day! Thank you Jesus! We thank the Lord for His unending grace and providence, and for keeping the little ones safe and for being our King and Father. And also a big Thank You to everyone who participated and all the staff that helped make it happen.


By His Grace,

Emma Vaughan-Jones



The Character Studies we focused on were drawn from Sketches from South African History (208 pages and 185 pictures) available from Christian Liberty Books,,, 021-6897478.


Also available is South African History Audio Visual MP3 Boxset, containing:

  • 20 Audio Messages, incl. Jan van Riebeeck, the French Huguenots, Andrew Murray, the Anglo-Boer War, Emily Hobhouse, etc.
  • 15 PowerPoint Presentations, which supplement most of the Audio Messages.
  • 2 PDF books: Sketches from South African History & Sketse Uit die Suid-Afrikaanse Geskiedenis


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