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“’Freedom!’ - This is a cry which has echoed down through the centuries, in various forms: Freedom from slavery. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from exploitation. Freedom from unjust laws and unjust taxes. Freedom from… etc...

“Many South Africans suffered greatly under Apartheid. This was a system of laws which, to a large extent, restricted freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of association, etc., for a large portion of the population; officially for some 40 years, until 1990, by which time virtually all those oppressive laws had been scrapped... Then came ‘freedom’ in the form of a new, fully democratically elected government… Sadly, the reality today is far removed from that ideal. The minorities of this country find themselves not just marginalised, but actively discriminated against by a corrupt, inept and blatantly racist regime…

“The Western Cape Province’s population is made up largely of ethnic minorities, who share much of the same culture, language and ideals—alien to the country at large—and yet, is subject to the same, centralised governance that has brought such poverty, unemployment, mismanagement, corruption and crime, to the country as a whole. Now, even private property is under threat by an avaricious and unjust regime...

“This is a province which is largely self-sufficient in terms of agricultural production, manufacturing and the like, and is a tourism Mecca. The people of the Western Cape wish to free themselves from the shackles which hold them back from true freedom, and in this, they can point to many examples of successful countries which have, in a peaceful, orderly and democratic manner, succeeded in doing exactly that… Is it any wonder then, that the cry of “Freedom!” now echoes louder and louder, in the Western Cape?”

- Cuan Elgin (Quoted from the Foreward of A Case for Secession handbook). Cuan Elgin is the Author of Bulala and Return to the Covenant, Cape of Good Hope

A Case for Secession handbook (100 Pages, 42 Pictures and Maps) will assist us all in making a more informed decision, before placing our votes on 29 May 2024. It is a timely resource for Self-determination, Freedom, Productivity and Prosperity.

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Drawing on over 4 decades travelling across 42 countries and working in 38 countries on 4 continents, Dr Peter Hammond, presents eyewitness insights on numerous successful secession movements and presents the Biblical, historic, legal, constitutional, economic and practical case for self-determination, secession and independence, with 23 examples of successful secession movements.

Is Secession really Foolish and Unworkable?:

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