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Few people know the story of what happened to the early Church after the end of the book of Acts almost 2,000 years ago. It’s an intriguing story of how, even in the face of intense persecution, the early Church stood firm for Christ and the Gospel. You now have an opportunity to see this exciting story for yourself in   . . .
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“Modern slavery.” It sounds like a paradox. Hasn’t humanity progressed? Didn’t we leave slavery dead on the battlefields of the American Civil War? Didn’t social reformers like Lincoln and Wilberforce legislate against such cruelty over a hundred years ago?
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This DVD will help Christians understand how to effectively evangelize those still trapped in the traditions and deceptions of Islam. Speaking as one who formerly trained Muslims in the strategies of Islamic jihad, the speaker includes his own testimony—a miraculous escape from darkness!
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September 11, 2001 will be remembered as the day terrorism invaded the shores of America. In this revealing video, you will travel around the world from ground zero in New York to the mountains of Sudan where millions continue to be slaughtered through terrorist acts.
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Jeremiah Films powerful documentary, based on the best-selling book “Faith Under Fire in Sudan” by Dr. Peter Hammond. Carefully crafted by Pat Matrishiana from over a hundred hours of video and film footage, this “Persecution Project” video takes you into the frontline and behind the enemy line in the colossal conflict which claimed over 2 million lives.
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