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“Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.” 2 Corinthians 6: 17

The appearance of CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) has forced many parents to consider home education.

  • Home education offers quality education and it provides a safe environment, where children are not exposed to peer pressure, drugs, rape and assault.
  • Home educated children have the benefit of socialising with people of all ages. This is a model much closer to the real world they will be functioning in as grown-ups, than children in school who only socialize with their peers in an artificial, age segregated environment.
  • Home education can be cost-effective so that even on a low budget, children can receive a good education.
  • Family values and Christianity can be practiced without secular humanist indoctrination, bullying and intimidation.
  • A family, with unique abilities and specific resources available, can tailor the education of individual children according to their specific needs and talents.
  • Parents can legally educate their children at home, and no qualifications are needed. On you can watch a video: “Why teachers choose home education”. In this video the teacher explains why you do not need to be a teacher to home school. This is very encouraging for those who feel they are not adequately qualified.

Many South Africans started on the home education route with hesitation and trepidation but, have seen their children flourish academically and afterwards in the workplace. The will to make a success of it is far more important than any teaching experience which the parent may or may not have.

Where should one start?
Today, there is so much information and a variety of curricula available, that it can be quite overwhelming, but it should be encouraging and empowering.

Here are a few pointers:
Under the heading “Starting Out” we find the following advice from the Pestalozzi Trust website (
Do not rush into homeschooling. Do proper research into different teaching styles and curricula.
Do not buy anything hastily. While you are deciding on the specific teaching style and/or curriculum/a, you can start to implement the basic components of home education.

Basic components:
Allow free time and opportunities to play or be alone. This must not be organised. You can supply your children with clay, art material, fabric, sewing machines, cameras, voice recorders, editing programs, music instruments, bicycles, jungle gyms etc. (according to age and interest).
Playing develops their bodies and is essential for the development of the nervous system (and doing math). Playing also develops their imagination and is necessary for creative thinking, problem-solving, arts, science and mathematics.

  • Work (either at home (chores), or in your business), or as volunteers in charity work (especially when they are older), teaches them responsibility and helps them make contact with the real world.
  • Read to them for at least an hour a day. Ideas are the food of the mind.
  • Books are gym for the mind. You can discuss the reading afterwards informally.
  • Music and math go together. Music is an important aspect of mental and emotional development.
  • In this learning curve, be willing to change your mind according to the revealed Word of God in the Bible. Renew your mind by studying the Scriptures.
  • Get yourself educated on home education

Victoria Botkin home educated her seven children, without having any teaching qualifications. She gives excellent advice on home education. The Botkin family website: Her CDs and MP4s can be bought from Christian Liberty Books, Tel. 021-689-7478, email:, website:

This is a ‘must-listen’ before selecting a teaching method or curriculum.
The following is available:
Curriculum Advice (Vol. 1): Pre- and primary school
Curriculum Advice (Vol. 2): High school
Home Education for Real Life (a webinar, audio MP3 on home education plus advice on future careers).
It is advisable that one follows a curriculum for math, since one concept builds on another.

Some Christian Curricula:
The Christian Liberty Press (affordable) and Bob Jones curricula are available from Christian Liberty Books.
Abeka can be ordered from America. Many others are available.
There is also a treasure trove of books, lecture notes, manuals, audio lectures, slide share power points, video documentaries and other educational links available free on

Different Matric exams can be written.
Senior Certificate (SA)
Cambridge (UK) international qualification
GED (America) check with the university/college you are considering to confirm if they accept GED.

You can also look into entrepreneurial skills.
There are numerous support groups, tutors, homeschool blogs and forums (see also and to assist you in reaching specific goals.

My son used Abeka and Liberty Press books as foundation. At age 15 he started preparing to write the Cambridge Matric (AS). We made use of tutors in some subjects. Tutoring time was about one hour per week per subject. He passed AS (Matric) with distinctions in all his subjects. His subjects were Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Business Studies, English and Afrikaans. He also participated in SACSSA (Christian Schools of South Africa) and was the runner-up athlete in KZNCSSA, enjoyed playing rugby and received a distinction in grade-5 piano (UNISA) and in grade-8 classical singing (Trinity) in his matric year.

Being parents, God has given us the responsibility to shelter our children, just like He is sheltering us (Jonathan Lindvall, Sheltering Children, 1995).

“For You have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in Your tabernacle forever. I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.” Psalm 61:3-4

Pestalozzi trust can answer all the questions on the legal aspects of Home education and cottage schools, as well as taking your children out of school. Important legal information can be found on, regarding taking your children out of school.

There is a list of FAQ with answers on

For any other questions or concerns, you may contact Nadia Pereira by email:

Nevertheless, we should still fight CSE for the sake of less-privileged children.

“A Father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy habitation.” Psalm 86:5

“For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.”

Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers, or who will stand up for Me against the works of iniquity.” Psalm 94:16

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Africa Christian Action
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